TFLcar exclusive sneak peek movie premiere: Speed & Greed


The 2011 Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 is one of the top ten fastest production cars in the world you can buy still from your neighborhood new car dealership.

All you need is about 55K and a Ford dealership.

That’s it!

You don’t need to speak Italian or German and you certainly don’t need mortgage your home.

In fact for your hard-earned 55K you get a supercharged 550-HP aluminum block monster of an engine with enough power and torque to light up the rear wheel from Peoria to Peking. 

But which is faster? The Shelby Mustang or an airplane?

It takes four hours to drive from Denver to Aspen, Colorado.

It takes under a half hour to fly from Denver to Aspen, Colorado, but when you figure the travel time to the airport, parking, going through security and the rest of the rigmarole associated with flying commercially it really takes about 4 hours to fly to Aspen.

So what’s is faster…driving or flying to Aspen fron Denver?

We decided to find out by racing the most powerful production Mustang ever built, a 2011 Ford Shelby GT 500, to Aspen against a commercial flight.

The world re-edited premiere of Speed & Greed, which documents this epic race is available right now for $1.99 USD…as a high definition 72-hour YouTube sneak peek rental. The trailer is below and you can watch the movie HERE on YouTube. So sit back and grab some popcorn and watch as we race a monster car vs. a plane in this classic movie.

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