R.I.P.: Honda Element


Honda has announced that after nine years of production the Honda Element will official Rest In Peace as of December of this year.

325,000 Elements…that’s how many Honda has sold in the United States.

2002…that’s when the Element was first introduced.

80,000 Elements…that’s how many were sold the first year but sales have declined ever since.

15,000 Elements…that’s how many were sold last year.

Hip young buyers…that’s who Honda thought would buy the Element

Senior Citizens…that’s who actually ended up buying many of the Elements sold.

“This vehicle was positioned as a ‘dorm room on wheels,’ but it never quite got the hip reputation it sought. Instead of appealing to young people looking to haul surfboards and bikes, it turned out to be more popular with senior citizens who liked the Element’s interior space, versatility and relatively low price tag,” said Edmunds.com Senior Analyst Jessica Caldwell.

The last several years Honda Element sales effort targeted pet owners with a “Dog Friendly” package of accessories that included a ramp and a vent fan in the back of the car.

Check out the video below from the 2010 Detroit Auto Show that also highlights the Pet Friendly Element package.

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