Review 2011 Infiniti M37x: the very last car on Paris Hilton’s luxury wish list


Do you like your luxury broadcast at a loud frequency? Do you like to advertise your over-the-top preference for all things fancy and expensive? If so, the Infiniti M37x is totally the wrong car for you. But if you give it half a chance, I bet it’ll completely win you over anyway.

Nope, no blaring hood ornament or obvious logo emblazoned on the grille of the M37x. In fact, it’s nicely blended in with the horizontal slats, almost camouflaged. This is a good strategy for Infiniti if their plan is to play it cool, because the lines of the M37x are sculpted and sweeping. Gorgeous, I daresay. This design aesthetic certainly undermines the incognito nature of the M37x , but because there’s subtle badging it all stays on the down-low.


One might argue that this is not the economic climate to have a vehicle that screams, “Hey! Look at me! I have a lot of money! My car has silver powder!” Infiniti understands this. The exterior is elegant yet understated, and the interior follows suit.

But don’t be misled. The interior pampers you with heated and ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, silver-dusted wood accents, and a stereo that is heavenly. Again, these features are incredibly over the top but don’t feel like it. Gorgeous sweeping curves on the interior remind me there was a lot of thought put into this car, but it seems natural and effortless. Infiniti masterfully plays the modest card, and I loved it.


It also handles less like a luxury yacht and more like a sporty car that’s won the lottery. The V6 had a little growl to it, giving away its sport roots. No super-quiet cabin here, and I mean that in a good way. I loved the engine noise and only wish it might be a smidge louder. With a zillion driving systems to appease the enthusiast in you, there’s also a knob that tones down your aggressive driving tendencies.

Twist the knob from Normal to Eco, and the gas pedal becomes disagreeable. That is, it gives a little pushback if you are attempting to drive less efficiently. This saves you mpgs, though has the tendency to be unnerving. Regular driving gets an estimated 17/24 mpgs.

The sad part of my test of the M37x is that it didn’t snow. Last year I had the G37x during a blizzard and it was incredible in that crazy weather. I longed all week to turn the knob from Sport to Snow, but the weather did not comply.

The navigation system and stereo systems were uncomplicated, adding to the easygoing luxury feel of the M37x. I do not like it when my car makes me feel like an idiot, I do like when it’s effortless to input an address into the nav system.


Actually, this car would make me feel pretty clever, because the sticker price for my test car is $59,960.00 (base price is $48,400.00). Yes, that’s a lot of money. But there is so much car here. I would be happy if I spent luxury car money on the M37x, because it spares nothing to make me comfortable, informed, engaged with the road, and even a bit pampered. This price includes all the bells and whistles. A motorized seat-belt retractor? Forest Air? The Infiniti keeps up with its luxury competition in the features department, no doubt.

Because this car was so unpretentiously luxurious and fun to drive, on the recommendation scale of:

Buy it

– Lease it

– Rent it or

-Forget it

I give the Infiniti M37x a rating of




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