Insider Interview: Chrysler CEO Olivier Francois says new Chryslers are ready for Europe


There is no doubt that Chrysler is on a roll these days.

The once bankrupt American car company is back in the car game with the very successful launch of the new 2011 Grand Cherokee. Trying to build on this success, Chrysler is now also set to roll out new and refreshed Dodges as well as new and refreshed Chryslers.

Perhaps the most important of these new cars is the refreshed Chrysler Town and Country minivan and the old Sebring which has been renamed as the Chrysler 200.

Why are these two cars so important to Chrysler?

Because they are destined to to rebadged and resold in Europe as Italian Lancias.

In California’s wine country we recently had the chance to catch up with Olivier Francois, the new President and CEO of Chrysler as well as Lancia, and ask him about the importance of these two cars to him as the President of both car companies and of course to Chrysler in general.

You can watch the exclusive TFLcar Insider Interview below.

BTW: You can also check out our first drive video of the new Chrysler 200 HERE.

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