Holy Connoli: Fiat to build next generation Compass & Patriot in Italy


The next Jeep Patriot will be about as American as Soccer, Spaghetti and Tiramisu.

According to a recently publish report Fiat, which controls Chrysler and Jeep, plans on investing $1.3 billion to retool the factory in Turin, Italy which will build the next generation of the Jeep Compass and Patriot.

That means that Jeep will be importing both cars from Italy to the tune of 100,000 units. In other words, Chrysler hope to import 100,000 Jeeps to America starting in 2013.

But don’t fret, engines and transmissions will come from Chrysler’s U.S. companies…at least for the cars coming back home to America. Which means that either the cars will have the best of both  the new and old world, or if they don’t get it right, the worst of both words.

Time will tell.

In the meantime check out this exclusive TFLcar video as we compare the new world Patroit to the old world Audi.

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