Oh boy…Lance Armstrong’s new all electric Nissan Leaf is definitely design challenged


Well there you have it. Gaze upon the wonder that is the seven time Tour de France champs new set of wheels.

Lance Armstrong is now officially the first American to take delivery of the new Nissan all electric Leaf, and we have to be completely honest here when say that in our opinion (and from this photo) his new car looks like the pre-pubescent love child of an unholy union between Chevy Chevette and and a Nissan Rogue.

All that’s missing from this photo is a baseball cap perched atop the Leaf with the brim facing backwards.

And while we get it (and we’re sure that somebody meant well) the slim Livestrong gold bands around the inside of the tires just add to the already dazed and confused styling.

Which all begs the question…why do electric car designers feel the need to make EVs as homely as possible?

Take for instance GM’s EV1. That first electric car resembled a giant cockroach.

And who can forget the first, and come to think of it second, and maybe even third generation of the iconic Prius hybrid.

Perhaps so far the only exception to this desined to be ugly EV rule is the Tesla Roadster. But the Tesla Roadster was basically a borrowed Lotus designed so we’ve yet to see a handsome original EV.

It seems that for now we’re still stuck with the designed challenged Leaf…and so is Lance Armstrong.

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