Video: World’s fastest electric car smashes previous record with 307 mph Bonneville run


It's called the Buckeye Bullet and at 307 mph it is now the world's fast electric car.

Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats has always been the place to break speed records, but until recently the electric car catagory has been a little know or competed in segment of Speed Week.


Because it takes significant power to go very fast which (in an electric car) translates to thousands of batteries.

In fact it took nearly 1,600 compact lithium-ion batteries, you know the same ones that power laptops, to power the Buckeye Bullet to a record two way average run of 307 mph at Bonneville this week.

The car was developed by a team of Ohio State University students. Th stidents speculate that it could have gone faster had it not blown a cluth that ripped apart the gearbox.

"We've been at this for 16 years now and have our newest lithium-ion powered vehicle out," team manager David Cooke said at the salt flats, which are located at about 100 miles west of Salt Lake City. "Our vehicle was capable of going much faster."

The old record of 246 mph for fastest electric car was held by Pat Rummerfield and was set 11-year-ago. Rummerfield conceded defeat and congradulated the Ohio State University students team.

Now its time to pack up our pits and head back to Ohio!" the Buckeye Bullet wrote on their blog.

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