Video Preview: 2010 Toyota 4Runner SR5 goes mountain climbing in Colorado

Give us a couple of minutes and we’ll give you the scoop.

The town of Caribou, Colorado is at about 10,000 feet of elevation and today it is just another Colorado ghost town.

But when Colorado was still the Wild West, about 130 years ago, Caribou was a mining boomtown.

We can’t help but think back just ten years when sales of an earlier version of the truck-based Toyota 4Runner were booming.

So now it is 2010 and here we are in Caribou with the all new 5th generation of the iconic 4Runner, but today sales of truck based SUVs, like this one, have fallen out of favor with buyers opting for the more car-like crossovers.

So we can’t help but wonder if this rough and ready “old school” SUV will end up like this rough and ready ghost town.

Check out the video preview of the newest Toyota 4Runner bashing through the snow below. Our full 4Runner is review coming soon.

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