Arizona may be the first state to deploy and abandon Speed Cameras on highways

Van $36.8 million…that's how much money speed cameras in Arizona have generated since they were deployed on the State's highways.

700,000…that's how many tickets have been issued since the program began.

$127 million…that's how much money the speeding tickets should have generated had the tickets all been paid.

But now it looks like the statewide Arizona speed cameras may not last through the 2010.

"Profits are far below expectations, a citizen effort to ban the cameras
is gaining steam, the governor has said she does not like the program,
and more and more drivers are ignoring the tickets they get in the mail
after hearing from fellow speeders that there are often no consequences
to doing so," according to the New York Times.

"I see all the cameras in Arizona completely coming down ” in 2010, said Shawn Dow, chairman of Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar,
which is trying to get a measure banning the cameras on the November
ballot. “The citizens of Arizona took away the cash cow of Arizona by
refusing to pay
,” the New York Times goes on to report.

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