Video: GM’s OnStar service foils ironic Washington D.C. carjacking

 CorkerfamilyAh yes the bitter sweet irony of being a politician was on full display today.

Senator Bob Corker's 22-year-old daughter had the family Chevy Tahoe carjacked in Washington D.C.

Don't worry she's OK just a bit 'sore' according to published reports.  Because of GM's OnStar service the carjacking was foiled and the two alleged carjackers were apprehended by police. You watch the entire story below.

The irony of the carjacking is that Sen Bob Corker, a Republican from Tennessee played crucial role in the recent bailout of General Motors. That role being that he opposed the GM bailout initial.

You can read why he was against the bailout HERE.

Which of course might give the Senator from Tennessee some food for thought as he might wondering right about now what would have happened if GM had indeed gone bust without the bailout money.

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