Tiger Woods car accident photos

The Tiger Woods car accident photos don't prove this but the the latest Tiger Woods gossip on the internet is pretty straightforward.

TMZ is reporting that "Tiger Woods: Injuries Caused by Wife, Not SUV"

TMZ goes on to report that Tiger's wife was to blame for some of his injuries as she chased him with a golf club as he sped away in his 2009 Cadillac Escalade…after confronting him with the recent reports of an recent affair.

"We're told it was then Woods beat a hasty retreat for his SUV — but
according to our source, Woods says his wife followed behind with a
golf club. As Tiger drove away, she struck the vehicle several times
with the club," TMZ is reporting

According to CNN, Wood's Escalade eventually struck a tree as you can tell by THESE Tiger woods car accident photos.

The 2009 Cadillac Escalade got a 5 out of 5 top rating score in government frontal impact collisions which means that Woods had the best possible vehicle in terms of safety ratings when crashing into a tree.

CNN goes on to report that the car's airbags did not deploy as the car was traveling too slowly when it hit the tree.

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