Women buy cars as a way to deal with big changes in their lives

Cargirls A news survey conducted by CarMax has come to an interesting conclusion: Women buy big ticket items like cars when they face major life events like changes in employment and family.

Many personal factors affect women shopping for a car,” said Donna
Wassel, Southwest region vice president of CarMax. “Changes in family
and employment create an opportunity to evaluate your current driving

If a car purchase is right for you, shopping at a no-hassle,
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According to the CarMax study:

"Sixty percent of women surveyed indicated that a change in their career,
whether it was a new job (37 percent) or retirement (23 percent), would
be most likely to initiate the purchase of a vehicle. However, for women
between the ages of 18 and 34, forty-one percent responded more likely
to purchase a car when they become pregnant or welcomed another child
into the family, a similar percentage as those surveyed who chose “new
job” in the same age group."

The national sample consisted of more than 500 U.S. women, aged 18 and
older who were interviewed online August 17 through August 19, 2009.

According to a another recent poll when buying a car women want:

‘What Women Want’ Poll Results:

  • 39% of women want more female staff
  • 18% – car clinics
  • 14% – special events and evenings
  • 10% – more staff training
  • 6% – female friendly websites
  • 5% – more female car accessories
  • 3% – television advertising for women
  • 3% – more female sponsorships
  • 3% – driver training days

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