World’s Cheapest Car: the Tata Nano


OK, you know that somewhere in the world there is a small company building cheaper cars, but in terms of big car manufactures the Tata Nano built in India is certainly the world's cheapest car.

At just about $2500, the Nano is a runaway hit in India.

It has also passed the European safety and emission regulation with $1000 dollars worth of improvements, so it may be on sale for just $3500 in Europe soon.

Here are some of the vital stats:

– Four speed manual gearbox and four drum brakes
– No power anything and that includes steering
– No ABS
– One windshield wiper and one side mirror
– 35-hp 624 cc two-cylinder engine that gets good gas millage
– Top Speed 65 mph downhill with the wind
– 0-60 just don't even ask.

Check out the review below and ask yourself if you would buy one in America from your neighborhood Tata dealership for $3500.?.