New Home for sale with 55 car garage that comes with a bar and grill—and it floats


If you need a new home for your 55 cars that floats and even comes with a nice bar and grill—you better act fast.

You have just over 4 days to jump into this eBay auction and for the relatively bargain price of $199,500, you can get yourself that dream sea side (or make that in sea) home ( actually it is a 1937 Custom Passenger-Car Ferry).

All of the important details about the Olympic are below from the eBay auction:

"This former Washington State Ferry once carried as many as 605 passengers and 55 autos across Puget Sound.

Built in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1937, the 207'
ferry Olympic retired from service in 1997. She is an ideal candidate
for high-end camp, hotel, corporate training retreat or exclusive
events center. Naval architect's plans are available to expedite

The vessel currently is in "lay-up" status, but all
machinery remains functional, though her U.S. Coast Guard Certificate
of Inspection has expired.

She is a heavily built vessel in need of paint and
deferred maintenance.Powered by a single 8-cylinder Fairbanks Morse
diesel, with electricity provided by two generators — a Cummins
6-cylinder diesel with 80 kW generator & a Fairbanks Morse with 80
kW generator"

The Olympic's eBay listing has already drawn two offers — both
unsuccessful, said Rich Wallace, director of charters and sales for the Pacific Marine Foundation in THIS story. "We're not going to sell the boat for less
than scrap value."