Bernard Madoff won’t be cruising the streets of West Palm Beach in his vintage Aston Martin anytime soon

Aston Martin DB2_4

When Bernard Madoff wasn't in New York or London running his Ponzi scheme, he was often seen cruising the streets of West Palm Beach in his vintage Aston Martin DB2/4 (similar to the one pictured above).

Madoff spent hundreds of thousands of dollars restoring the car and transferred ownership to his brother Peter Madoff.

The catch…the money to restore the car came from his business which we now know was illegitimate.

Aston-martin-sports-cars-21 The classic British car is reportedly worth $237,600 according to court records.

In April the trustees liquidating Bernard L. Madoff’s London affiliate had gone
to federal bankruptcy court in Florida to seize a vintage British
sports car that they say he bought last spring and gave to his brother, according to the New York Times.

"They are seeking a court order to protect the car from seizure by others seeking assets from the Madoff clan — a growing list that includes a college student on Long Island whose college fund was lost in the Madoff scheme."

In other words, there are a lot of people fighting for the car as compensation for their losses. Which most likely means that the last person on this earth who'll ever drive the Vintage Aston Martin is Bernard Madoff DB2/4 even if he should live to the age of 200.