Video challenge Cadillac Escalade Hybrid vs. RC monster truck


The Cadillac Escalade Hybrid is most at home in the hills of Hollywood, California or cruising next to South Beach in Miami, Florida.

It is a big luxurious SUV with twenty two inch wheels, leather everything, and a gas and electric engine.

So how will this biggest and most luxurious of American SUV’s do when it is pushed beyond what it was originally designed to do?

To find out I raced it against a monster truck—a remote control Traxxas T-Maxx monster truck to be exact.

challenge was a simple one; to see which car would do better tackling
the rough and tough mountains and dirt roads of Colorado.

find out just watch the video below to see which car won the challenge.
And as a bonus take a look at the new off road sport that we created in
the process:

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