We Bought Three SUPER Cheap Jeeps and You’ll Think We’re Crazy to Take THESE to Moab!

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New Cheap Jeep Series  - Episode 1
(Images: TFL Studios)

We’re back with a new Cheap Jeep series, bringing three examples that cost well under $10K each!

Even if you shop the entry-level end of the new Jeep market, getting a “cheap” example is more or less impossible. Even the tiny Renegade starts just a smidge under $30,000 these days, and the pricier examples can top an eye-watering six figures. It’s not impossible to find a capable Jeep that won’t break the bank in the pages of Jeep’s history, though — at least that’s what we’re aiming to prove with this latest Cheap Jeep series.

In this first episode, Roman sets out with Andre, Nathan and Tommy to buy three off-roaders you can actually afford. The rules are straightforward: It has to be a Jeep and cost under $10,000, all-in. Whatever money the guys don’t spend on their vehicles can go toward upgrades for each rig’s ultimate test: the off-road wildlands of Moab, Utah.

Now, you have actually seen one of the Jeeps in this new series awhile back. In late April, the guys actually bought the iconic model you’d expect to see that defined the off-road segment over decades. That is, Tommy’s choice is a 1961 Willys CJ-5: the generation built over 30 years between 1954 and 1983 that inspired every generation afterward. It’s not exactly a rocket ship, as it’s packing the Willys’ 2.2-liter “Hurricane” inline-four that made a mind-boggling 75 horsepower…at least when it was new.

The video below brings in Andre and Nathan’s purchases, which are both far more modern vehicles. Without spoiling the rest, though, there is a common thread between the two. Check out what they bought below.

We’ll have a new episode coming up each Sunday on TFLcar’s YouTube channel over the next few weeks, so stay tuned to see how these Jeeps perform!

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