You Can Channel Your Jurassic Park Nostalgia with This Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator Package

(Images: Stellantis | Jeep)

We’re going back to 1993! Just without the velociraptors.

Some of the guys in the TFL office weren’t even born when Jurassic Park first hit the silver screen 30 years ago. Nevertheless, they can now make their Jeep Wrangler JL or Gladiator JT look like the old-school YJs in the film thanks to a new appearance package. Jeep is commemorating the YJ Sahara’s role in the film through its Graphic Studio website for up to $650, but you’ll have to act fast: Only 100 units are available, as of August 3.

So, what do you get for the money? Apart from an individually numbered package, you’ll get logos for the doors as well as hood and fender decals to match the ’93 YJ Saharas in the original movie. You’ll also get a numbered transfer case shifter insert (if you pay the full $650), as well as numbering in the center of the hood, on the fender vents and on the tailgate.

There are technically two packages, depending on whether or not you want the transfer case shifter insert. If you don’t, the package costs $550. If you want to live out your fantasy of living in Jurassic Park, the decals fit all current-generation Wranglers (including the 4xe) and Gladiators from 2018 (or 2020, in the Gladiator’s case) through the 2024 model year.

While this may not sell as quickly as some of Jeep’s other special edition models, I can’t help but think this graphics package will sell fast. So, if you really want one for your project or even your daily driver, best to pull the trigger sooner rather than later. Now, for Ford to bring out a special graphics package for the Explorer!

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