Are You Sitting Down? The Cadillac Celestiq Starts At $340,000

If you think the Escalade is expensive, you’ll need to brace yourself for the Celestiq.

When Cadillac first debuted its all-electric, ultra-luxe flagship model, we knew it was going to cost a small fortune. GM said as much, noting prices would start “north of $300,000”. Now, though, we know just how far north of that figure prospective buyers can expect to pay: The new Celestiq will cost as much as a Rolls-Royce, at a cool $340,000.

And that’s just the start. Go berserk with the options list, and Cadillac’s flagship-to-end-all-flagships will cost a healthy chunk more than that. Apart from the bold styling, the upcoming Celestiq impresses by way of its 55-inch dashboard display, interior materials…and just presence over all. Then again, it better impress for the sort of cash GM’s demanding here.

Cadillac Celestiq interior

For that sort of money, you don’t just go online and mess with a pre-set configurator. No, no, no — the first round of buyers will go through the customization experience with a personal concierge and designers, so you can more or less set your Celestiq up however you want. That means no two cars should be identical, while some cars will almost certainly shoot for the stars, to where even that $340,000 “base price” seems like a bit of a bargain.

Since we’re talking about a high-price, low-volume car with the Celestiq, don’t expect it to just roll out of some random factory, either. General Motors will hand-build each car at its Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. Only six cars will move “down the line” at any one time, so you’ll definitely get that bespoke feel for your several hundred thousand dollars.