It Is Shockingly Hard To Buy a Multi-Million Dollar Private Jet, Who Knew?

You're not exactly buying a Toyota Camry here — there are some major hurdles involved

Today’s TFLcar video…is a bit different, let’s put it that way.

Sometimes it’s a solid idea to break out of your usual space, and that’s what we’re doing in today’s TFLcar video. This time around, Tommy is checking out exactly what the process is like to buy a private plane. You’d think the process is fairly straightforward, right? You obviously have a whack of cash, you go to the entity selling the plane and hand them said cash, and the job’s done.

Um…no, actually. It turns out the process is more complex and headache inducing than what you’d face to buy a car, for example. In this video, the guys head down to Fort Worth, Texas to kick off the “Plane Hunter” series with Brian Kendrick from Premier Air Charter. He walks through the steps involved to buy a private jet, including the hoops you need to jump through with the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure an aircraft’s conformity to the host of regulations.

Check out what it’s like above!