The Final Dodge ‘Last Call’ Model Is Almost Here and It’s Packing 7.1 Extra Pounds of…Something

"Density Matters", Dodge says as it releases another cryptic teaser

(Images: Stellantis | Dodge)

Seriously, what’s with the leprechauns?

2023 is a watershed year for Dodge, as it sheds its long-running Dodge Charger and Challenger models in preparation for the future. They’re hardly going out quietly, though, with the brand already teasing six special variants its ‘Last Call’ models. It planned seven, though, so we still have one left — and it will probably be the most berserk of the bunch.

There is some admittedly weird evidence to back me up on that. Last week, the company dropped a pretty metal teaser video with a normally jaunty leprechaun transforming into…well, something that will probably haunt someone’s dreams (check it out below). Now, there’s another hint at what this final ‘Last Call’ model could be: 7.1 pounds.

Naturally, yours and my response to Thursday’s teaser is, “What the hell does that mean?”. Dodge calls the clip “Density Matters”, so there’s another cryptic clue for you to fathom out right there.

What could it all mean? Leave your best guesses below, but I will offer up what we know (or at least what the rumors are) so far. Reports dating a few months back suggest this car will probably be the most powerful SRT Hellcat derivative of the bunch. Word has it this last special model will pack 900 horsepower when running on E85 fuel. Again, there’s some evidence to support that, as Dodge brand CEO Tim Kuniskis said they were blowing up engines during development. So we’re not talking about small levels of power here.

Are we talking about weight of a certain component, if not the whole car?

Talking about just 7.1 pounds in the context of the whole car against whatever it’s based on doesn’t seem especially exciting. When you look at it in the context of exploding engines, however, maybe it’s talking about a particular, strengthened component?

That is a total shot in the dark, of course, but I’m sure your inquiring minds can make some solid, if not dead-on, educated guesses.

Whatever it means, this is not the last teaser we’ll see from Dodge before the full reveal. The next video is coming up on March 9, while the actual car will land at the Roadkill Nights Vegas event on the Las Vegas Strip on March 20.

Check out more on Dodge’s…interesting teasers below (there are two separate videos, even though the thumbnail is the same for both):