Ask Nathan: Serious Audi E-Tron 4×4 is Coming, Las Vegas F1, and…People Should Grow a Backbone!

Image via: CarMagazine UK

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • A serious Audi E-Tron 4×4 is in the works!
  • Are we going to the 2023 Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix?
  • People need to grow a backbone!

The first questions comes from a fan who caught this story about a serious Audi E-Tron 4×4 that will take on the G-Wagon and Defender.

Image: – This is a Volkswagen Iltis, which is based on the DKW Munga. This is where “quattro” began, and Audi has yet to revisit anything remotely similar.

Q: (Via: Twitter@NathanAdlen) Looks like the VW suits want a serious Audi E-Tron 4×4 that will fight the G-Class and the new Land Rover Defenders!

Saw this story on about the suits at VW AG talking about a serious Audi E-Tron 4×4. Not some pie in the sky concept that will never happen. I think they want to build a ground up off roader. I say it’s about time Audi.

– Titan_Log

A: Yea! Just caught the story, and it makes sense.

The image/rendering you saw at the top of the page comes from Car Magazine UK, and I think it looks pretty convincing. There are three points I’ll put out there, all of which make a real case for this thing being built. Let’s start off with the new powertrain Audi is developing:

Audi calls the powertrain platform the Premium Platform Electric, (PPE) – and it’s going to underpin their new generation E-Trons from here on. It’s beefy, and modular. Audi’s Active Sphere concept is underpinned by this platform, and it is powered by a 100 kWh battery. It’s not that much of a stretch to think that this kind of setup could underpin a burly 4×4.

You can read more about the platform and Active Sphere concept (here).

My second point: Volkswagen AG owns Scout, and these purpose-built EV 4x4s could share their platform with Audi. While we can’t report on details, we can say that the Scout is coming back as an off-road EV. It will be built in the United States in South Carolina, which is a $2-billion investment.

(Via Twitter:) Volkswagen Group @VWGroup ⚡ New e-car factory for the U.S. 🇺🇸 #Scout Motors plans to produce electric pick-up trucks & rugged SUVs from 2026 in South Carolina 🏭 🚙 $2B investment, 4,000 new jobs & more choices for our U.S. customers. 🎉 Big part of growth program for North America. @SCGOV @henrymcmaster

The idea of platform sharing within the Volkswagen group isn’t new. Having Scout provide a platform that – right out of the box – can handle off-road strain, is a real plus.

My final point: Audi SAID they want to make it!

Recently, Audi head of design Marc Lichte told CAR MAGAZINE UK that “nobody before at Audi has designed a rugged SUV – and I’m talking truly rugged. It’s a segment only capitalized on by our competitors, and it’s a car that we don’t have in our portfolio… yet.”

“I’m a big fan of really rugged SUVs, and there’s potential there because there are only really two premium players [Mercedes and Land Rover] – I think there is space for a third one.”

Personally, I feel like it’s about damn time. I’m sorry, but the company that gave us “quattro” seems to have missed out on the potential of off-road sales. Sure, they have some crossovers – but no one thinks they’re rugged like a G-Wagon. Time to step up their game.

Stay tuned for more on this!

– N

The next question comes from a friend and a fan who wants to know if TFLCAR will attend the 2023 Formular 1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas.

las vegas lights

Q: (Via: Twitter@NathanAdlen) I hope you guys are heading to the F1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas this upcoming November!

I know that most of you are fans. Got to make it happen! This Grand Prix is one of the best things to happen to F1 in years and years!

– E.L.

Audi F1 racer
Image: Audi

A: It would be epic! But…

So far, the prices look absolutely bananas. Granted, public tickets have yet to go on sale, but it’s not looking good from my perspective. You can look at “Phase 2” ticket pricing (here). There are a few possibilities that may sprout up, and we will jump on them – if they do.

I must say, my Amigo Andre and I are trying to figure out which organ to sell to secure a seat!

– N

2013 formula 1 redbull sebastian vettel
Image: Red Bull Racing

The last comment comes from a viewer who is upset at other viewers.

Image: TFLcar

Q: Okay, I am tired of viewers with NO BACKBONE!

This one guy who has three accounts at least, wants to make a point and is rude to you. When you called him on it and said that you wouldn’t answer when he starts off so nasty. (Note: He provides names, but I opted not to post them this time.)

Look dudes! Look at what you write and ask your self if you want them to respond! If you’re a —- they will call you on it. Simple!

— Bronco Wired Mora

A: People have their own opinions.

We rub some the wrong way, that’s true. Normally, I don’t mind giving them the space to say what’s on their mind; however, some folks are on another level. We keep tabs on some, and I know about the multiple accounts some of these folks possess. That’s fine. They need to back up their statements and (often) insults with a few self-procured thumbs up, and comments.

That’s fine.

On the other hand, it’s usually obvious that they were trying to troll and get that one response they were hoping for. Their surreptitious affair with online, one sided arguments is hard to hide. After doing this for years, it’s easy to spot. When it becomes obvious that they want to point their aggression, frustration and vitriol at us – I end it.

Fortunately, most of these folks calm down over time. Sadly, some run off and feel they achieved something by firing off that last insult, before leaving. When they tell everyone that they have unsubscribed, based on our response – it’s for the best for everyone.