The 2023 Ford Bronco Order Banks Will Open on March 27 — For Just 24 Hours

Yeah, it's *still* not going to be easy to order a new Bronco

Are you busy Monday morning? You may want to order your Ford Bronco, if you’re shopping for one.

It’s not quite an April Fool’s Joke, although you do have to take a moment to appreciate the timing here. The folks over at Bronco6G forums have kept their ears cemented to the ground for any rumblings on changes for this upcoming model year. We’ve covered news of base price hikes for 2023, but now there’s word that the next set of order banks will open up next Monday, March 27. If you’re thinking there’s a catch, you’re spot on: According to the site, Ford is only opening up orders for a 24-hour period. That’s it.

Thanks to unprecedented supply constraints hampering its explosively popular SUV, there are more wrenches in the mix to consider as well. You won’t be able order a base model or the Everglades, launched just last year. So our advice about the Everglades being one of the Bronco’s best-kept secrets? It will remain a secret awhile longer, unfortunately, and you’ll have to opt for a Badlands or build up one of the other trims to the sort of off-roader you want.

That said, you won’t be able to buy the $995 Badlands wheels, either.

The 7-speed manual transmission is also off the menu, and you’ll really need to think about a two-door model, the molded-in-color-hardtop or the Luxury Package if you won’t want to wait until the next model year: Those options are supply constrained.

As for price protection on the 2023 Ford Bronco orders, that ostensibly went out the window on March 15. Orders placed prior to that date received price protection.

What can you order? Well, the other trims are available. You can go for a Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Badlands or Heritage Edition. The Wildtrak is available too, but per Bronco6G, those are also fairly limited. With that and the Heritage Limited models, you’ll either need to get extremely lucky…or like we’ve seen in so many cases over the past couple years, pay through the nose to get it.

To those still shopping for a new Ford Bronco, I wish you the best of luck.