Brace Yourself: Most 2023 Ford Bronco Models Are Getting Another Price Hike

Prices are rising tomorrow by $500 to $1,250, depending on the model

(Images: Ford)
  • According to a document posted on the Bronco6G forum, Ford is set to hike pricing on the 2023 Model Year Broncos by up to $1,250 tomorrow, March 15.
  • Firm 2023 model orders from fleets and retail customers dated prior to today (March 14) will not be reinvoiced, so they will receive price protection.
  • This marks the second jump in just over a month, as Ford also lifted Bronco pricing in February.
    • It’s not just the car itself, either – some standalone options and packages will also see a hefty increase.

Still looking at a Ford Bronco? Prepare to open your wallet even further.

The Blue Oval’s retro-styled foil to the Jeep Wrangler just saw a price bump a little over a month ago, and new information posted to the Bronco6G website shows they’re about to increase again. This new report suggests pricing will go up by anywhere from $500 to $1,250, depending on which model you’re looking at.

If that does indeed translate to the retail configurator, base pricing for the two-door Bronco will go up to $36,390 (from $35,890, including Ford’s $1,795 destination fee) as of tomorrow, March 15. A $500 hike is the most common among the two-door models and also impacts the Big Bend, Outer Banks, Black Diamond and Badlands. However, the Wildtrak will reportedly get a $1,250 price increase, as will the Heritage Edition and higher-end Heritage Limited Edition series.

On the four-door side of the 2023 Ford Bronco lineup, only the Wildtrak, Heritage, Heritage Limited Edition and Everglades are getting a $750 price bump. So, if you were looking at an Everglades, the difference translates to an MSRP of $56,440 (up from $55,690). From what we can see here, the lower-end four-door models as well as the Badlands will not see a price change on March 15.

It’s not just trim levels that will reportedly get a bump, either. Some popular options are also getting more expensive. The Lux and Sasquatch packages will cost another $750 to option, while the modular front bumper gets a $150 hike. If you want to carbonized gray molded-in-color hardtop, you’ll have to shell out another $1,200 (making the option $1,895).

This is all assuming you can land a Bronco at MSRP, of course

Now, there is a silver lining for current (as of today) order holders. Ford will honor pricing on firm orders (i.e. you’ve locked everything in but haven’t yet taken delivery) signed and dated prior to March 14, 2023.

What you can’t really predict, however, is how the higher pricing for new models will affect Broncos currently in dealer inventories or cars on the used market. Dealer markup has been a serious problem with the new Bronco, so you may have to brace for an even more uncomfortable price tag depending on whether your dealer engages in egregiously marking up popular models.

Keep an eye on Ford’s Build & Price website for these price changes to take effect on Wednesday, March 15.