Spy Shot Challenge! Can You Identify These Camouflaged Prototype Cars?

We're a bit stumped by these, at the moment - maybe you guys can spot them right away

(Images: TFL Studios, courtesy of Jake E.)

Have any ideas as to what the cars above (and below) could be?

If you’re ever taking a vacation up in the Colorado mountains, be on the lookout for camouflaged prototype cars. We’ve spotted quite a few interesting vehicles that we’ve documented on our channels over the years. TFL viewers and readers also catch some test cars under wraps, as Jake E. certainly did today. Sometimes I’ll establish what they are (or my best hunch) right off the bat, but this time around I put it to you guys out there: What do you think these prototypes are? Jake caught three SUVs, with one under a thick cover, hiding out in the high country.

Another one, this time a four-door sedan, he actually caught on the move:

Spy Shot Challenge 8-29-22-1

Maybe it’s a case of the Mondays, but another reason I want to show these to you guys is because we’re a bit stumped.

While the SUVs above — the ones we can see — look similar, the design isn’t currently ringing a conclusive bell. It’s a similar story with the large sedan. None of these cars appear to be EVs at first glance, and they also don’t look immediately apparent as models we know are coming down the pike.

A couple guys around the office noticed the SUVs looked “GM-ish”, though you can’t pinpoint it to, say, Chevrolet’s upcoming EVs. We already know what they look like, and that isn’t it.

It’s one of those times where you could use some fresh perspective and more sets of eyes, so please put your two cents in below! I’m looking forward to smacking my forehead and going, “Oh, that’s what it is,” when you guys identify these prototypes right off the bat.