A Toyota Patent for a Manual Transmission – For EVs!?

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While the Toyota Corolla Hatchback comes with a CVT, it also offers a six-speed manual transmission. [Photo: Toyota]

The manual transmission in question is actually an elaborate control module that simulates a manual gear-changing system. A “stick.”

Manual transmissions working alongside electric motors is not exactly unheard of. Several Volkswagen and old Mini Cooper conversions from gas to electric actually keep their manual transmission. We’ve even driven a Porsche 356 clone that had an electric motor along with a manual transmission. On top of that, we drove a modern, all-electric Jeep Wrangler (Magneto) a few times as well.

It’s a rather unusual sensation. Completely different than driving any vehicle we’ve tested with a manual transmission. Still, it’s fun! I’ve actually felt like I was being engaged and provoked to make the car perform differently using the transmission. This is a similar sensation that I get when playing with internal combustion vehicles with manual transmissions.

Many automakers have proven that vehicles powered by electricity perform better without any type of old-fashion transmission. These images come from Toyota’s patent number US 2022/0041063 AI.

Still, the fact that Toyota has put out this patent for a manual transmission that works alongside their electrically-powered vehicle is intriguing.

This patent was discovered and posted by BZforums.com. They showcase several additional diagrams that explain the system. It looks like it’s based on interrupting power delivery when the clutch is engaged. I’m not 100-percent sure on how the system would benefit the actual performance of an EV, to be honest. It could simply be a gimmick for those who want a more engaging drive in an EV.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you buy an EV if it had a manual transmission? I think part of that decision would depend on the vehicle itself, and it’s sportiness.

Speaking of engaging electric cars…