TFL Owner Review: Long Term 2016 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium in Florida!

2016 subaru outback owner review

Patrick, a Retired Naval Chief from Florida put over 136,000 miles on his 2016 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium, and he sent us his review.

Recently, our very own Andre Smirnov did a long-term review on his Subaru Outback – as it was about to be sold. While it wasn’t perfect, he was pretty pleased with the vehicle’s economy, drivability, and security. He posted his first “Likes and Dislikes” review back in 2017. You can read it (here). His recent, and final video review is located at the end of this post.

We appreciate these viewer reviews, especially because we don’t have access to many Subarus. Perhaps, one day, their PR will work with us. Until then, we’ll keep buying, borrowing, and renting Subaru vehicles – to give you our unbiased perspective.

As for Patrick, he gave us a nice overview of his experiences with his 2016 Subaru Outback 2.5i:


I saw y’alls video on a long-term update on your 2015 Outback that you have just sold and wanted to share my long-term review. I ordered mine in Aug 2015 with some extra safety features and took delivery in late Sept 2015.

Today I just went over 136,001 miles here in Jacksonville FL. It’s been a very reliable vehicle and I have put many miles on it exploring 2 National forests ( The Ocala and The Osceola) as well as many FL State forests and never got stuck where others often did. The only recurring issue that I have had is the A/C blower fan motor behind the glove box has died about 5 times but it is used daily here with all of the heat and humidity.

The driver’s door window regulator has started to work intermittently. Most recently I believe my driver’s side windshield seal has begun to fail… I suspect this is due to a puddle in the driver’s floorboard and water dripping from under the driver’s side dashboard. This mainly happens during very heavy rains while parked. Haven’t had this issue at the car wash or while driving while it’s raining.

I did upgrade to Bilstein B6 shock with stock height King Springs which really help with the ride when aired down for washed-out rutted forest service roads and trails.

Overall I have solidified my reasoning for buying this Outback because at the time I ordered it the Outback gave me more for my money than any other vehicle close to it in the segment. As Andre stated in his video, I too would purchase again!! Looking to drive this Outback until it….and my words come from a Retired Navy Chief. 

Thank y’all for all that you do keeping us all informed and up to date!!
Merry Christmas and Happy 2022.



Thank you Patrick!