Mercedes-Benz Officially Announces The Vision EQXX Reveal At CES 2022 This January: News

Mercedes claims this will be the most efficient car it's ever built

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX teaser
Here’s an official look (sort of, at least) at the next in Mercedes’ EQ lineup. (Images: Mercedes-Benz)

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX looks futuristic, and it carries some bold figure claims.

621 miles of range — that’s the headline figure behind the automaker’s claim, “this is the most efficient vehicle the brand has ever built.” We first heard these details on the all-electric Vision EQXX concept this summer, but you can consider this the official ‘it’s really coming’ teaser. This teaser shows a little more of the actual car, right down to the sleek canopy and the boat tail-like rear fascia, and the reveal date. The aerodynamic Vision EQXX will make its world debut at CES 2022 on January 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The Vision EQXX is part of a far-reaching Mercedes-Benz technology program aimed at breaking through technological barriers and lifting energy efficiency to new heights. It demonstrates the gains that are possible through cutting-edge electric drivtrain as well as the use of lightweight engineering and sustainable materials,” the company said in Wednesday’s release. Few technical details accompanied the teaser image above, but that 1,000-kilometer (per COO Markus Shafer back in July) is still an interesting figure to chew on in the meantime.

Fortunately, we don’t have too much longer to wait for more information. Hopefully technical specs including possible battery capacity, output, dimensions will arrive with the Vision EQXX, as well as plans for an actual production model to follow — whether it looks like the concept or something different.

Speaking of Mercedes’ electric vehicles, Roman just drove the AMG EQS, which you can check out below: