Ford Confirms There’s A New Bronco Everglades Coming In 2022: News

Want a factory snorkel and winch? Ford's adding it to the factory Bronco next summer

This is NOT the Ford Bronco Everglades — this is an Outer Banks — but it’s a visual indicator of what’s to come.

The Bronco Everglades is getting a factory snorkel and winch.

It’s not just Eruption Green and the Raptor that’s joining the 2022 Ford Bronco lineup — now we have the Ford Bronco Everglades as well. After news of its existence leaked out through dealer order guides, a tweet from Ford North America product communications director Mike Levine confirmed it is actually coming for the next model year.

Beyond the Badlands, the Ford Bronco Everglades will be another, more hardcore off-road option available next summer. A factory winch and snorkel will be part of the equation as well. The dealer guide, per, will be available strictly as a four-door model. “Desert Sand” is apparently an exclusive color coming for the Everglades, as well as an “Overland” black vinyl interior, should you want it. It’s tough to imagine the Everglades without the Sasquatch Package as standard fare. The goal is to create a serious off-roader here, after all, so it may well come as standard on that trim.

For the time being, that’s pretty much all we know with relative certainty. Ford published no photos showing the Ford Bronco Everglades — what you’re seeing here in the Sasquatch Package-equipped, Eruption Green Outer Banks instead.

Ford Bronco Outer Banks — Eruption Green

More to come

The fact that Ford’s bringing factory winches and snorkels to some Broncos ought to please some enthusiasts still waiting in line. That said, so far as the “Summer 2022” date is concerned, we’ll have to wait and see. Not only has the ongoing chip shortage put a serious damper on the new Bronco’s launch, other production issues and delayed deliveries for anxiously waiting customers are also creating headaches. Frustrated enthusiasts are still awaiting the chance to get a Bronco, period, never mind the Everglades and Raptor coming down the pike.

A possible silver lining: More options in the lineup do give reservation holders some wiggle room to get into one of 2022’s special editions, provided the Blue Oval can get back its production output back in front of the pent up demand.

Those two special editions aside — mind you, we still have to wait some time for a Bronco Everglades to arrive — check out Tommy’s 2022 Ford Bronco buyer’s guide video below: