Ford Sending Out Bronco-Themed Hammocks To 2021/2022 Reservation Holders With ‘Hang In There’ Note

People are already selling them on eBay as a collector's item

Ford Bronco Hammock
Ford sent out a Bronco hammock to reservation holders, and some are throwing them up for sale online. (Images: Phil M., unless otherwise noted)

Ford is sending out a “Bronco Hammock” to reservation holders as it grapples with frustration and delays.

To say the 2021 Ford Bronco launch has been a rocky one would be a massive understatement. The whole industry is juggling with multiple supply chain issues leading to production delays — and the Blue Oval hasn’t been spared those challenges. Still, despite hardtop roof issues and the ongoing semiconductor shortage hampering production, there’s still plenty of hype surrounding their hot new SUV. So far, to their credit, Ford has been communicating to their dealers and (more importantly) their customers on what’s going on, and how the company aims to sort the issues out.

Their latest effort to smooth things over with understandably frustrated customers comes with this cool-looking hammock with a Bronco-themed carrier bag. Phil sent in these photos of the hammock he received, as well as the note. Here’s what he said about it in his message:

“Looks like Ford is sending out consolation prizes four hard top production delays on the new bronco. I got a parachute style hammock  in the mail today telling me to “hang in there”. Pretty Cool.”

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That’s not the end of the story, however…

Ford’s “hang in there” message includes a thank you from Ford Motor Company, as well as a blurb about how can you can make use of your new hammock. “As part of our Bronco family, we are committed to helping you carry out your adventures,” it says, “including providing you access to exclusive gear and experiences. That’s why we’ve sent you [reservation holders] a Limited Edition Hammock to help you build your nest in the wild.” Beyond that is more hype for tying in the limited-run hammock into your Bronco lifestyle, but here’s the thing — not everyone plans to hang onto this momento.

Another nugget from the Bronco team: “HANG IN THERE! As an owner, you will have access to exclusive-benefits while your Bronco is being prepared. In the meantime, we urge you to explore the endless possibilities for your future Bronco adventures.” In other words, “Don’t cancel your reservation!”

Because these are only going out to reservation holders, the “Bronco Hammock” could be something of a collectible. If not for the item itself, at least for the story that’s attached to it. Something along the lines of, “Hey, remember that time when Ford couldn’t get Broncos out to customers and they had to send these out as consolation gifts? Here’s a piece of that history.” The same story may hold true for the original Bronco hardtops, even though Ford is working at breakneck pace to replace them with new units.

They’re up for sale

Instead of hanging on to these hammocks, at least 20 folks have taken to hawking the special piece on eBay, at time of writing. Some are asking up to $200 for the item, arguing its rarity and the fact that it’s only gone to reservation holders. People who already have their Broncos, for example, shouldn’t get them (at least not as a gift from Ford).

Of course the eBay part is hardly anything new. Those of you in the TFL community who’ve tried to buy electronics in the past year (say, game consoles) know how scarcity has affected the market. Get a free, rare item and people will capitalize on it. What’s more, if you’re looking to collect Bronco memorabilia, there’s apparently a growing market for the stuff. That may even go on, depending on how long it takes Ford to actually fulfill its reservation backlog — they may have to keep sending stuff out if this goes on too much longer.

If you’re interested, check out our latest Bronco video below on TFLtruck: