You’ll Be Surprised By The 4 BEST Cars of The Year…So Far! (Hint — One Is Not a Car!)

All four choices offer up some major fun, depending on your tastes and driving style

You'll Be Surprised By The 4 BEST Cars of The Year...So Far! (Hint — One Is Not a Car!)
This year’s already seen some solid launches, and we still have a few months to go!

Even with all the headaches, it’s still been a fun year for new launches.

Some years, we’re lucky if we get one real blockbuster launch. Something like a new Jeep Wrangler or a Toyota Tundra (that’s coming up soon!) is great, but things can get a little slow at times. 2021 has not been one of those years. There’s a torrent of new models coming down the pipeline. Sure, they may not all be “shut up and take my money!” affairs. As things start to pick back up again, though, automakers are keen to get the latest and greatest out into the public consciousness (chip shortages and other supply issues notwithstanding). In this video, Roman covers four of the best cars we’ve driven so far this year.

I’m not going to flat-out reveal the top 4 best cars here, but you can check out the video below for that. Small hint: One of them is not a car, as you can probably tell by the thumbnail. What I will say is that these four actually cover a pretty decent spread of tastes and driving styles. Whether you want something small, nimble and fun, you want a capable off-roader or you just want a pure beast of a machine…we’re running the gamut (at least with cars ordinary mortals can afford) here.

The most expensive piece of kit here? Just short of $80,000. That’s still a lot of money, but you get a hell of a lot of power for that outlay. There’s another hint — not that you awesome folks out there in the TFL community need it. Watch on and let us know what you think in the comments below! There’s much more coming on all of these vehicles soon, so keep your eyes peeled on TFLcar as well as TFLtruck and TFLoffroad.