2022 Nissan Leaf Starts At $28,375 — Undercuts Mini Cooper SE As The Cheapest EV

With state and federal tax incentives, you may be able to score one for under $20,000

2022 Nissan Leaf
No major changes for the 2022 Nissan Leaf, but it does get a price cut to make it more enticing to those seeking an affordable EV. (Images: Nissan)

This is, for the moment, the least expensive new EV you can buy in the U.S.

While the 2021 models started over $30,000 — before any applicable tax incentives — the 2022 Nissan Leaf is getting a major price drop to keep it competitive. Nissan still touts their early arrival in the segment, with their stake as the “first automaker with a globally-available mass-market electric vehicle”, but they’re hardly alone in the segment these days. They maintained a value proposition against the more premium Tesla, but now mainstream automakers like Hyundai and Kia are joining the fight. General Motors, for their part, is investing billions into R&D and promising an onslaught of all-electric models in the coming years. Even right now, their updated Chevy Bolt ever so slightly undercut the aging Leaf.

The base 2022 Nissan Leaf S kicks off at $28,375 (including $995 destination). That’s a substantial $4,245 off last year’s price, and that’s before you get into available incentives. The $7,500 federal tax credit is still available, and some state tax credits may bring the effective price (after you receive those credits, that is) under $20,000.

We’re not getting any major changes here, apart from the price cut. CHAdeMO DC fast charging is now available across the entire range, while the SV Plus trim gets features from the prior Technology Package as standard equipment. That includes a power-adjustable driver’s seat, ProPilot Assist and an Intelligent Around View 360-degree camera. As before, the 2022 Nissan Leaf comes in a 40-kWh version and 62-kWh “Plus” model, with 149 and 226 miles of range respectively.

2022 Nissan Leaf trim walk

The Leaf S Plus, Nissan’s long-range version of its long-running EV, starts at $33,375. You get an even larger drop of $5,845 off the 2021 version. Even at the top end, the fully-loaded Leaf SL Plus tops out at just $38,375.

Here’s how the new price structure looks across the whole range:

TrimStandard Range (149-mile range)Plus (215 to 226-mile range)
S$28,375$33,375 (226 miles)
SV $29,775$36,375 (215 miles)
SL— (Not available)$38,375 (215 miles)

Thanks to the new price cuts, the 2022 Mini Cooper SE, at $29,900, is now the second cheapest EV you can currently buy. We did just buy one of those, which you can check out below: