FCA Dealers Perpetuate The Zombie Car Trend, As Some Of You Keep Buying Dodge Vipers And Jeep Patriots

Okay, which one of you in the past three months bought a new Patriot?

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The Jeep Patriot may be *officially* dead – FCA dealers only sold 3 of them last year, compared to 27 in 2019. (Photos: FCA)

Where are you guys finding these cars?

Even in the topsy-turvy year we’ve just had, an interesting and fun sales trend keeps popping off. Even years — hell, sometimes even up to a decade — after an automaker discontinues a model, it still reports brand new sales. That sometimes happens with high-end, high-dollar sports cars, like the Lexus LFA. Speaking of which, the LFA does make an appearance in the “zombie cars” list yet again. But even more mundane models like the Dodge Dart, Chrysler 200 and Jeep Patriot keep finding buyers. In fact, FCA is one of the main perpetuators of the trend, as is GM.

Exactly why some models have taken years to sell could boil down to several different scenarios. As a new model came out, people overlooked the old version. After years of heavy discounts and going unnoticed on car lots, willing buyers finally took them off dealers’ hands. Whatever the reason, these cars are finally on (off?) the books, but here are the zombie cars that popped back up on the 2020 sales charts.

Three of you took home a Lexus LFA this year (lucky you) — there should be only one left that hasn’t been sold.

Zombie cars: 2020 edition

Some of the cars on here aren’t too surprising. Cars that were recently discontinued, like the Ford Flex, will still have some dealer inventory kicking around. However, someone managed to find a Honda CR-Z, which went out of production four years ago. The Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 also went out of production nearly four years ago, yet dealers are still reporting new sales.

Here’s the full list:

ModelDiscontinued in2020 sales2019 sales
Buick Cascada2019122,535
Buick LaCrosse20192307,241
Cadillac ATS2019 (sedan d/c 2018)1161,134
Cadillac CTS20196116,965
Chevrolet Volt2019714,910
Chrysler 2002016 (2017 model year)948
Dodge Dart2016715
Dodge Viper201745
Ford Fiesta20193,35460,148
Ford Flex20194,84824,484
Honda CR-Z201612
Infiniti Q7020191392,552
Infiniti QX3020191483,229
Lexus LFA201233
Lincoln MKT20193293,388