RIP: These Are All The Discontinued Cars That Died In 2020 (Full List)

As we (thankfully) leave 2020 behind, these are the cars that rolled off into the sunset

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf
The Volkswagen e-Golf already left the U.S., but now it’s ceased production worldwide. (Photo: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen: e-Golf (globally)

The future is now, and it’s not the Volkswagen e-Golf. It’s a good car, don’t get me wrong — but its range won’t cut it as EVs continue to evolve. Volkswagen finally killed off this model globally this month, as it shifts over to its new “ID.” model range. The ID.3 hatchback is available in Europe, but we won’t see that as a direct replacement.

Instead, Volkswagen will bring the ID.4 crossover here sometime next year. From there, we should see more models arrive as EVs continue to dominate automakers’ agendas moving forward.