RIP: These Are All The Discontinued Cars That Died In 2020 (Full List)

As we (thankfully) leave 2020 behind, these are the cars that rolled off into the sunset

Ford: Fusion, Mustang Shelby GT350/GT350R

The major departure from the Ford lineup rounds out what the Blue Oval has been acting out for years. First the Taurus, then the Fiesta and the Focus, and now the Fusion. Ford’s midsize sedan — known as the Mondeo in European markets — rounded off Ford’s culling of its passenger car lineup. Now, with the exception of the Mustang, it’s all down to crossovers, SUVs and trucks.

Speaking of the Mustang, obviously the model as a whole will continue into 2021. However, there is one sad departure, and it’s the astonishingly good Shelby GT350 and GT350R. With its 5.2-liter “Voodoo” flat plane crank V8 and a six-speed manual transmission, these were the Mustangs you wanted if you have more of a track-focused mentality. Granted, we are getting the Mach 1 as a replacement and we have the new GT500, so it’s not like you won’t have any choices. Still, though, this hit a sweet spot for enthusiasts that most of us will miss.