Next Nissan Z Will Debut With A Manual Transmission: See (And Hear) The Car In This Teaser

It sounds pretty good too

The countdown has officially begun — Nissan’s next Z car is upon us. At least, its prototype is almost here, as the automaker launched its teaser campaign showing the “Z Proto”, which is set to debut on September 15. One worry surrounding the inevitable launch, however, is whether Nissan would drop kick one of its most beloved features into the history books. But fear not, enthusiasts: Today’s teaser video confirms it will still have a six-speed manual transmission.

The current 370Z does have a 7-speed automatic as an option. We expect Nissan to give the next Z car that option as well (why kill the opportunity for more buyers, right?), but now we know that you can row your own if you prefer it.

Many fans of the iconic sports car would argue that it wouldn’t be a real Z without a six-speed, and Nissan fortunately agrees. We also get this opportunity to hear the new Z Proto in action, and it certainly sounds like the V6 we’ve been expecting. Rumors to this point suggested the Nissan 400Z (if the automaker confirms that name) would pack a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 under the hood. There’s a little bit of that signature whistle as the driver revs the car into the video below, so that seems to check out.

Beyond that, any other information will have to wait until next week. The automaker could tease more, but they seemed keen to hide most of the details. For example, the tires say “Nissan Z”, but it’s tough to make out exactly what tires the next Z car is riding on. You can see the signature daytime running lights and taillights at the end, as well as an edged off version of that classic Z shape.

Are you excited for the Nissan Z Proto reveal? Right now, word has it this car will replace the 370Z as a 2022 model, though we’re still months away from a production car hitting the scene, it seems.