Kia Teases Seven New Dedicated EVs By 2027, And Plans To Launch The First One Next Year

Kia plans to launch no fewer than seven new electric vehicles in the next seven years, the company announced Wednesday. In pursuit of that goal, it teased the image above to give the public a hint of its global EV strategy, from sedans to crossovers and other vehicles in between.

The brand’s first battery-electric car under this plan, codenamed ‘CV’, will launch sometime in 2021. Kia has actually sold EVs for the past decade, with the Niro EV being the first example we’ve seen in North America. Under their ‘Plan S’ strategy, the South Korean manufacturer plans to expand the BEV lineup to 11 vehicles by 2025. Over that period, they are aiming for 20 percent of their total brand sales in Korea, North America and Europe to be pure electric vehicles.

Apart from the image above, there’s not too much information on the specific models just yet. From what we can see, it looks like we’ll get vehicles in similar segments to their conventional counterparts. Kia’s new EVs will ride on the “Electric-Global Modular Platform” (or E-GMP), according to chief executive Ho Sung Song.

“Kia has sold more than 100,000 BEVs worldwide since the introduction of our first mass-produced BEV in 2011, the Kia Ray EV,” he said in the company’s announcement. “Since then, we have started to introduce a range of new BEVs for global markets and announced plans to accelerate this process in the years ahead. By refocusing our business on electrification, we are aiming for BEVs to account for 25 percent of our total worldwide sales by 2029.”