Nail Biter – We Race Two Budget Off-Roaders Up a 12,000 Foot Mountain Top! Montezuma Challenge Ep.1

First up, it's the Volkswagen Touareg versus the Land Rover LR3

The Montezuma Challenge series is more than an off-road gauntlet .

Don’t get us wrong, the newly-branded “Montezuma Challenge” is extremely difficult, but we wanted to make it more of a challenge for our crew as well. Well, it’s not that we wanted to work our poor crew hard on this series, but we wanted to make something special than other off-road challenges we’ve done in the past.

According to some, the LR3 and Volkswagen Touareg are the most unreliable vehicles you can take off-road. Time and time again, we’ve proven that sentiment wrong. Can we pull it off in this extreme race? [Images: TFLcar]

The race is a tad unusual because both competitors not only need to haul the load off-road; they  had to be able to drive back home afterwards. This is something Roman and Tommy have difficulty with in general. In terms of the location, it would take a day to pull either of them out off the pass if something went wrong. Not to mention, we would have to save our hard-working crew too. 

Shooting anything at TFL Studios is a pain. More often than not, it’s in difficult conditions amid a bunch of hosts on a time crunch. The same crew that shoots has to edit the material as soon as possible and make us look decent. Not an easy task on the best day. 

Our Montezuma Challenge series is something else. It was something that Roman wanted even more time spent with logistics, shooting and editing. Sometimes, we like to make something we feel is even more entertaining that usual – with more pizzazz. And that’s what this video series is. 

Add to that a few details, like our studio 2004 Volkswagen Touareg racing our 2006 Land Rover LR3 up to 12,000 – above the tree-line, you got yourself some quality entertainment. Let us know what you think of this new video series in the comments, and stay tuned for more episodes coming soon!