Here’s How Much It Costs To Buy Every Version Of The 2021 Ford Bronco — Including The One You Already Can’t Buy

If you wanted to snipe a First Edition Bronco, they're all already gone

We were expecting a complete and utter media blitz around the 2021 Ford Bronco, and that’s exactly what happened Monday night. In case you missed the reveal, we have videos published on our TFLcar and TFLoffroad channels. Ford also revealed the Bronco Sport, which we covered on TFLnow.

One catch to ordering a 2021 Ford Bronco

Fortunately, while we’ve had to wait for pricing until closer to launch with most reveals, Ford is not making us wait for the Bronco. You can reserve one right now for $100, and pricing starts at $29,995 including Ford’s $1,495 destination fee.

In yesterday’s video, we did not get a chance to take a deeper dive into how its pricing stacks up against its rivals, so this will offer a greater look. However, there’s already one caveat: Don’t plan on reserving a First Edition. Unless you were one of the first 3,500 to slap down your $100 deposit on the limited-run version, you’re already too late. As of Tuesday morning, reservations were full and Ford was no longer taking orders for that particular trim.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, the 2021 Ford Bronco comes in six other trims: Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrak and Badlands. The graphics below show you what you get with each successive trim, as well as the optional packages you can tack on to whichever trim you choose (click to enlarge):

Full pricing details

Here’s a more complete breakdown of the starting price for each trim, in both two and four-door versions. The most expensive Bronco you can currently buy (again, excluding the First Edition) is the four-door Wildtrak, which kicks off around $52,865. The Badlands, which is the Bronco’s most direct rival to the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, starts at $43,590 for a two-door version:

TrimTwo-door MSRPFour-door MSRP
Big Bend$34,880$37,375
Black Diamond$37,545$40,040
Outer Banks$40,450$42,495
First Edition (SOLD OUT)$60,800$64,995

Now, the 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition did come with every conceivable option. As a result, that’s the metric for the most expensive Bronco you’d be able to spec, give or take a few thousand for the “special, limited edition” price hike. Build up a Badlands to roughly the same equipment level, and it will most likely top out around $60,000 — about the same as a fully-loaded Rubicon.

As to whether Ford may decide to build a few more First Edition models, that decision would cut both ways. They could grab a few more sales away from Jeep with all the interested customers, but those who were patient and quick to snap up one of the original 3,500 slots wouldn’t care for that move. Some who put up their $100 may fall off when it comes to actually ponying up the cash for the real car, as well, since that barrier to entry is fairly low. Odds are you’ll have to order a Wildtrak or Badlands if you want a Bronco on that end of the market.

If you put a deposit down on a Ford Bronco, let us know which one you reserved and why you went that route in the comments below! Stay tuned to for more updates, including the smaller Bronco Sport.

2021 Ford Bronco pricing snapshots