Top 10 HORRIBLE Models of Fantastic Cars You Never Want to Drive, Much Less Own

Telsa, Porsche, Corvette, BMW, Ford, Land Rover, and Jeep all make the list.

Tommy lays out his top-10 list of absolute duds put out by otherwise great car companies. Some are misguided attempts to create “entry-level” options to capture new buyers to the brand. Many are miserable workarounds to avoid taxes. or meet government regulations. Whatever the case, do yourself a favor and avoid these rides. Your soul will be glad it did.

#10 – Ferrari 208
Era: 1979-1980
Con: Slowest Ferrari of all time thanks to a 153 hp detuned engine. That’s less powerful than a Toyota Camry.
Why: To avoid a ruthless V.A.T. in Italy.
#9 – Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK (2WD)
Era: 2007-2010
Con: Why would anyone buy a Wrangler and NOT get 4WD?
Why: A misguided bid to get people into Wranglers at a lower price.
#8 – Ford Mustang II MPG
Con: A poseur pony powered by an anemic 2.3-liter 4-cyl. engine good for 89 hp and 118 lbs-ft. torque.
Why: The gas crisis led Ford to put this ‘stang out, claiming 34 mpg. 
#7 – Tesla Model S 40kwh
Con: The entry-level Model S had a range of only 139 miles, was slow, and couldn’t use a Supercharger station.
Why: At under $50K, it was the “affordable” Tesla that no one wanted.
#6 – BMW 3-Series Hatch
Con: For a BMW, the 318i has a woefully bad rear suspension that resulted in anything but the ultimate driving machine. Plus, it only came in a 4-cyl.
Why: BMW’s attempt to compete on price, not performance.
#5 – Mini Cooper CVT
Era: 2003-2006
Con: An otherwise fantastic sporty compact undone by a CVT automatic with a nearly 100% failure rate that castrated the car when it worked. 
Why: Only Mini knows.
#4 – Land Rover Discovery MPi
Early 1990s
Con: Sold in the U.K., the MPI used an over-matched 2-liter, 4-cyl engine good for 134 hp and 137 lbs-ft. torque to move the 4,200-lbs. 4×4 really, really slow.
Why: A bid for affordability and to avoid taxes on bigger displacement engines.
#3 – Porsche 912
Mid- to late-60s
Con: Same great body and suspension as the 911, but with a flat-4 boxer engine good for 102 hp, not the 911’s flat-6. Basically a VW Beetle engine in a Porsche.
Why: Porsche believed it needed a less pricey option than the 911.
#2 – BMW 740e
Era: 2017-2019
Con: A plug-in hybrid that put out 322 hp combined between the electric motor and 2-liter 255 hp engine. Once the battery was used up after 14 miles, the ICE was it.
Why: With tax credits, the 740e was the *least* expensive 740 in the line-up.
#1 – Chevy Corvette C3
Roughly 1978-1982
Con: At the end of its run, the C3 was reduced to a small block V8 good for 190 hp. Hardly a sportscar after early years of 7.4-liter, 460-hp V8s.
Why: New draconian emissions controls.

To find out how Tommy came to rank this list of stinkers, click on the video below. Got your own stinker model to add to his list? Drop it into a comment below. Then let the debates begin!