(Update!) Can’t Buy Hand Sanitizer? This American Car Polish Company Is Here To Help

Local companies producing hand sanitizer can make a huge difference to keep as many people healthy as possible

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had little choice but to focus on all the coronavirus-related shutdowns, alarming statistics and all the other ways our normal lives have been upended. However, despite all the uncertainty in our lives at present, I wanted to take a moment to focus on how our community is responding to the ongoing crisis. While Ford, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and Toyota, for all their manufacturing might, are jumping in to help combat COVID-19, companies down at the local level (i.e. right in TFL’s back yard) are also doing their part. And when it really comes down to it, it’s the community-based efforts that are really going to make a difference in turning the corner on the coronavirus pandemic.

Here's How Our Local Communities Are Making The Difference In The Coronavirus Fight
Local outfit Adam’s Polishes has shifted some of its manufacturing capacity to help produce hand sanitizer for emergency services, media press fleets and customers.

Case in point is Adam’s Polishes, a locally-owned company based in Denver, Colorado. Adam Pitale and his team are a cornerstone of one of our area’s largest car meets, and he’s grown his company’s full line of detailing products since starting the business back in 2000. To be clear, this is not a promotional piece, but I can say I have used the products to clean up my own car with great success.

[Photos below: Adam’s Polishes]

But this story is specifically about Adam’s Polishes’ response to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. Within the past week, the company has shifted some of its manufacturing ability toward creating essential home cleaning products, rather than just automotive detailing products, for their customers. Apart from embracing social distancing and halting travel to slow the spread of coronavirus, the team is currently at work manufacturing hand sanitizer in accordance with World Health Organization guidelines.

Adam’s is giving away hand sanitizer to emergency services, among others

Throughout this situation, doing everything we can to respond not just to the effects of the virus itself, but also trying to prevent getting infected in the first place is what matters here. To that end, hand sanitizer is one of the crucially important ways you can keep healthy. To that end, beyond just manufacturing the product Adam’s is also giving away the sanitizer and home surface cleaner to emergency services like the Thornton, Colorado Fire Department:

A huge thank you to Adams Polishes! They donated a generous amount of supplies to help us protect our Firefighters as…

Posted by City of Thornton Fire Department on Friday, March 27, 2020

Media fleets and journalists like TFL are also getting Adam’s hand sanitizer for use in our press vehicles. That way, everyone can try to the best of their ability to stay healthy, and we can keep receiving vehicles to produce more real-world reviews.

You can also order the hand sanitizer yourself through the Adam’s Polishes site, although the company is limiting orders to 2 bottles per person. Through manufacturing products like hand sanitizer for people to regularly use, local businesses like Adam’s is an important part of combating the spread, even while we’re at home. We could pick a whole range of other businesses also doing their part to keep people healthy, but I wanted to spread the word on Adam’s Polishes’ particular case as it’s a great example of local communities banding together to help out.