The 2021 Ford Bronco Will Offer Up Three Different Grille Options, According to New Report

We should know more specifics in the coming weeks

This is the closest (unofficial) look we’ve had at the production Bronco yet.

Thanks to the photo above, we already have a fairly good idea what the new 2021 Ford Bronco will look like. The actual sixth-generation model has yet to show itself, but new details continue to trickle out before Ford tells all and starts production later this year. According to a new Ford Authority report, buyers will have a few options when it comes to exterior design, with three different grille choices to match their tastes (and, I suspect, their budget).

Eventually, we’ll be able to see everything that’s behind that camouflage, and have more specifics from Ford. [Photo: TFLcar]

Which style would you choose?

The report names the designs as Modern, Classic, and Custom. The Modern look is the grille we’ve all seen at this point, shown in the photo above. This one will have a gloss black look with “BRONCO” laid out across the center.

The Classic grille may be an option across the entire range. This version should feature more of a retro design (like the restomod shown below), perhaps with “FORD” badging on the front.

Jay Leno's 1968 Ford Bronco

Finally, the Custom trim features a shiny and upscale layout, according to the Ford Authority report. That could mean it’s meant for the upper trim levels, or it could be a option either on its own or tied to an appearance package. At this point, it’s tough to say whether Ford will use these names for the grille options or how the company will present the option in its order books. There’s also no information on whether the “baby Bronco” — the upcoming Bronco Sport — will have similar grille options.

As for when we’ll know more, Ford told Road & Track that it still plans to debut the new Bronco sometime this spring. That means we could know more by June, including around the time the Detroit Auto Show would be had it not been postponed until 2021.

Of course, when we do find out more, we’ll be sure to post new updates to In the meantime, check out everything we know so far below: