The Volkswagen ID. 4 Name Is A Go — VW’s First MEB-Based Crossover Will Launch Later This Year

It will launch in Europe first, followed by the US

The Volkswagen ID. 4 Name Is A Go — The First MEB Crossover Will Launch Later This Year

Why can’t automakers actually make funky-looking cars like this that we can actually buy? The Volkswagen ID. 4 is the brand’s first electric crossover set to hit the U.S. market as a 2021 model, and I honestly think it would get a lot more buzz if VW put it into production looking like this. Setting the soap box aside, this is what the MEB platform-based EV will look like, minus the prototype-like paint scheme. Its arrival follows the ID. 3 hatchback, which won’t make it over to our shores.

The Volkswagen ID. 4 Name Is A Go — The First MEB Crossover Will Launch Later This Year

Both rear- and all-wheel drive versions will be available

Say what you’d like about electric cars — they seem to be bringing back a trend that has left all but the most serious performance cars. The 2021 Volkswagen ID. 4 will originally launch as a rear-wheel drive model, with all-wheel drive variants to come later. Several other electric cars also follow that route, like the Tesla Model 3, BMW i3, and Porsche Taycan, among some other upcoming models including the Ford Mustang Mach-E. With that powertrain, Volkswagen says the ID. 4’s range should be somewhere around 500 kilometers, or 310 miles.

Apart from the technological and safety advances we expect to come with the 2021 Volkswagen ID. 4, the company’s touting its ecological approach to its construction as well. “The ID.4 is the world’s first climate-neutral, compact SUV. The vehicle, which is produced at the Zwickau plant, is carbon-neutral along the entire value chain,” VW said in its statement.

Up to this point, we’ve seen some ID. 4 prototypes running around sporting a similar shape. This marks the car’s imminent arrival in production guise, though, which we expect to see sometime later this year. Potentially, we’ll see it fully revealed at the upcoming New York Auto Show in April. Stay tuned to for more details.