Is The Brand New Land Rover Discovery Actually Better Than A $5,000, 14-Year-Old LR3?

Which one would you take?

If you’re a fan of the old school, you may scoff at the very existence of the current Land Rover Discovery. Just to pull one comment at a glance from the video above: “The new Land Rover Discovery is an abomination, the same way with the, new Defender, Land Rover is destroying itself, too many models, that all do the same things, on paper.”

That’s a sentiment aimed at a wide range of new cars and SUVs, as we bravely march into yet another decade of mind-boggling technology and ultra-modern design that we hadn’t reached even as recently as 2006. This brand new 2020 Land Rover Discovery, for example, as a host of driver assistance technology, the latest Terrain Response 2 system with automatic locking differentials, Land Rover’s latest touchscreen infotainment system and much more. By contrast, the 2006 Land Rover LR3 is a bit of a dinosaur, with its gas-guzzling V-8 engine, and a ladder chassis (as opposed to a unibody design in the new one).

Even with the LR3’s relative lack of high-tech features, its more rugged design and approach makes it an appealing option. And that’s to say nothing of its $5,000 price tag, to the new Discovery’s $67,000 asking price. It’s another case of old versus new, modern versus classic — but which is best?

In the video above, Tommy goes through all the details of each car. Even though the LR3 is just 14 years old, it feels like it’s on another planet from the new Discovery. Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the poll below! Stay tuned for more old vs. new comparisons coming up soon.

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