Next-Gen Honda Odyssey, RAV4 Seating Issues, You HATE the Raptor and Super Bowl LIV Ads? [Ask Nathan]

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In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Next generation 2021 Honda Odyssey info? 
  • What’s up with the Toyota RAV4’s passenger seat? 
  • You hate the Ford Raptor! 
  • Super Bowl LIV ads.

The first question comes from a Honda Odyssey owner who wanted to know about its eventual replacement.

Q: (Via NathanAdlen@Twitter) Do you boys have any next gen Honda Odyssey information? 

Love my 2014, but it’s almost time to replace it. I was wondering what you’ve heard? 


A: Hi Lynn!

The next gen Honda Odyssey is coming, but:

We’re not expecting an entirely new van anytime soon, but a significant refresh is coming soon. Other than a few exterior tweaks – the design looks like it will be the same. There may be a few interior updates, including a new infotainment setup – but nothing’s confirmed.

The exterior updates are noticeable on a few test-mules that we’ve seen recently. The nose and tail are obscured, as are some of the interior components. That indicates that they are ready for upgrades.  

One of the biggest (completely unconfirmed) rumors out there is the possibility of a hybrid model. Most speculate that, unlike the Chrysler Pacific PHEV, the next gen Honda Odyssey will be a regular hybrid with an extended range. 

Some say it will have a similar 212 horsepower hybrid four-cylinder powertrain the Honda Accord hybrid has. It may be tweaked to produce closer to the 280 hp the current V6 makes. 

Further in the future: 

An all-new van is being developed, but many details about this vehicle are up for speculation. We do know that Honda is keeping a close eye on the Toyota Sienna, which is the only (U.S.) competitor that offers an all-wheel drive option. They are also looking carefully at the Chrysler Pacifica, which is the only competitor offering a PHEV version. 

Some “insiders” feel that an all-electric, AWD version of the Honda Odyssey is in the wings. It’s supposed to be based on an all-new platform, be sleeker, lighter and capable of multiple configurations. It may even share a platform with the next generation Honda Pilot. 

At this point, we know that Honda is serious about remaining competitive and that the next Odyssey will be a refresh. Those are the only facts we have. We’ll keep an eye on the developments – promise! 


The next message comes from Aaron, who has issues with the current Toyota RAV4 passenger’s seating. 

2019 Toyota RAV4 Adventure

Q: Hello TFL.

I recently watched Motorweek’s long term update on the RAV4 Hybrid but noticed there was no mention to what I’ve heard at numerous other video reviews, read in magazine reviews and even experienced myself…that would be the lack of a power height adjustable front passenger seat. I hit my head and/or had to crane my neck excessively to enter and exit the front passenger seat. Once I was seated my head was uncomfortably close to the overhead, and I’m only 5’10”!
I did not have the same experience in any other seat in the vehicle. What the heck Toyota?!
2019 Toyota RAV4 Adventure
On an additional note, I’ve recently read on the Toyota press release the upcoming 2021 RAV4 Hybrid Prime XSE will have a four-way power adjustable front passenger seat but will still not have a height adjustment.
Can TFL comment on this and “nudge” Toyota to add the height adjustment feature feature? Maybe feature Roman or Nathan entering and exiting the front passenger seat on camera?
I know Subaru prides itself on the Forester being easy to get in & out of, and even AARP highly recommends the Forester for that exact reason.
I love the idea (left brain vs. right brain) of the RAV4 Hybrid and especially the upcoming RAV4 Prime, but this is a serious misstep if I can’t even comfortably get in and out of my own vehicle. I’m in my early 50’s and the older I get the less flexible I/we will become, so this has to be an issue shared by many.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

I’ve been watching TFL for years, going back to when Andre was only speaking Russian. You guys are an original and still one of the best automotive information resources out there. Thanks again for all you do for all of us motorheads!

A: Hello Aaron!

You know what? You are absolutely correct! 

Normally, we are so busy driving these vehicles, we seldom sit in the front passenger’s seat. When we do, we rarely notice issues as it’s a limited stint. It is something we should pay more attention to in the future.

Recently, I asked my old neighbor to let me sit in his. He has a 2018 RAV4 Adventure. I have a tall torso and I was forced to shove my neck over (hard) to avoid hitting my head. Just like you. On top of that, he also owns a 2019 Honda CR-V and there were no issues with getting into that vehicle’s passenger seat 

Bothersome – I agree. 

While Toyota R&D will doubtfully listen to my comments, I will mention it to the PR team and point to this email. Who knows? Maybe they will make a few adjustments during the mod cycle refresh. 



The (almost) last question/comment came from a disgruntled YouTube comment regarding my recent reporting about the upcoming Ram Rebel TRX. 

Keep in mind the conversation from the YouTube comments is laid out below as it was originally written (spelling/grammar errors and all). My long-form response is farther down.

Q (statement): You guys are amazing. Even if they stick a Hellcat power train in that truck it still won’t beat the Ford Raptor.

In looks and performance. Oh yeah it will beat it in sound. That’s what ya’ll been crying about who cares about sound the truck currently beats every other truck on the market. It’s just way cooler better looking and better performing truck. Ford beat everyone to the race.! Just like the GT500 ya’ll crying about IT DOESN’T HAVE A STICK SHIFT but now the car is everything and then some.! IT’S CALLED PROGRESS. Now they want to build a factory truck and give it a big ol’ engine and give it a prehistoric Hey guess what that’s already been done. RAPTOR.

N: How do you know for sure?

A: How do I know for sure what?

That truck there wanting to build won’t beat the Raptor.? Bro I don’t know how you guys are able to have and host these car Vlogs. Yall can’t drive off road vehicles correctly afraid that you might get the vehicle think by putting a Hellcat power train in a 4X4 is the answer to the Raptor. In this case it’s not all about power and the engine sounding cool. Y’all seem to think if the engine sounds like a proper V8 it’s got everything beat.! Ah hell no nothing has beat the Raptor yet and they all have V8’s currently.! It’s about over all packaging and execution of it’s systems and that’s something the Raptor has does better than any other truck out there.! That Hellcat powertrain and overall truck is just going to be to be big and heavy.! And with a little software update and some higher flow heads more bust to the turbos that revised Raptor will beat that truck again.! Goodluck

N: It’s amazing that you know more about the upcoming TRX than everybody else!

I’m impressed. We suspect Ram will try to copy or improve upon the Raptor setup (including suspension and drive components) the best they can to be competitive right out of the box. As I said in the video. Personally, I love the Raptor and have driven dozens all over the country. – – but you know better… Please, send us a video in your Raptor – off-roaring – and y’all show us how it’s done.

A: @nathan adlen I’ll tell you what:

When that truck comes out “TRX” and it doesn’t over all out perform the Raptor Bring on the show so I can tell you I told you so.! I bet you won’t do that

A: It came to my attention that you, Anthony, might be a Ford fan.

My point was never to put the Raptor down. I find it to be a remarkable truck, an off-road dominate truck in almost every way. Sure, I miss the V-8, but I said on MANY occasions, this new V6 is outstanding. The suspension setup is remarkable and you can’t deny its good looks.
You know that TFLtruck (yeah, I work there too) owned a first-generation F-150 Raptor – right? It was our studio truck and was featured in a multitude of videos I drove it coast to coast, in every type of terrain and towed with it as well. It was, and still is remarkable.
My point, and the point of the video above was to say:
  1. These photos show the (near) production ready TRX
  2. While it is heavily covered, there are many details we can still see. 
  3. You can see the blistered fenders (like the Raptor’s fenders) allow for more articulation and larger tires. 
  4. Looks a bit higher than the Rebel
  5. It’s definitely wider
  6. You don’t OWN a Raptor – do you? Have you every driven….. never mind. 
  7. The Ram Rebel TRX will force EVERYONE to up their game.
  8. It needs to match or beat the Raptor in every way – not just power
  9. This truck will be exciting and may redefine what an off-road truck can be – much like the Raptor did. 
  10. We are going to have a blast going TRX vs Raptor in MANY future videos. You never know – the Raptor may remain at the top of the heap… you never know. 

If you actually owned a Raptor, and you were interested in coming on the show to talk about it and continue to talk smack (which is kind of silly given the Raptor fans here at TFL) you can contact us at 


Speaking of (potentially) awesome Raptors… 

This is an addition to “Ask Nathan.” It’s for those of you who want to see the most awesome car commercials during Super Bowl LIV. 

Super Bowl LIV!!!!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers. Check out more of the automotive-themed ads coming during the game in our round-up post below.

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