This Kia Sorento Fell Victim To One Ridiculously Ambitious Squirrel

Well, that's one way to winterize your car

[Photo: Chris Persic via CNN]

Picture the scene: You head out to your car on a dreary, rainy morning only to fall victim to car trouble. That’s what happened to one Pittsburgh area woman and her Kia Sorento.

After hearing odd noises and smelling some burning under the engine, Holly Persic called her husband Chris to troubleshoot the issue. When she looked under the hood, she discovered a squirrel’s bounty of 200 walnuts stuffed into the engine bay. “They were everywhere, under the battery, near the radiator fan,” Chris told CNN. “The walnuts on the engine block were black and smelt like they were definitely roasting.

Ultimately, it took about an hour for the couple to pull all the walnuts and debris out. The resulting pile filled up half a trash can — one sign of an incredibly ambitious squirrel stocking up for winter. “Fortunately, it wasn’t all dry because they said it probably would have caught fire.”

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Posted by Chris Persic on Monday, October 7, 2019

PSA: Check under your hood

Chris and Holly were able to get their car checked out after removing the walnuts. Surprisingly, the squirrel’s exploits didn’t cause any significant damage. It is a timely reminder to take a peek under your hood every once in awhile, though.

While we filter through the waves of automotive news each day, we typically find ourselves saying “that’s nuts!” at least once or twice. It’s rare to come across a story where that’s literally the case.