Same Name, New Face: 2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Leaked Right Before Its Official Reveal

We'll see more of it tomorrow

2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 leaked

Update 10/24/19: Volkswagen has revealed the next-generation Golf Mk8. Check that out here!

We’re all excited to get our first look at the 2020 Volkswagen Golf, which is due out tomorrow. Some of us are so excited, in fact, that this photo was leaked just before the debut. Whoops.

So, here it is everyone — the next generation of an icon. German newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine published this particular photo a day early, giving us a sneak peek at what’s to come. At the moment, we don’t have any more official information, but we will publish an update tomorrow when that (and the image gallery) comes out.

We’ve already seen some spy shots and close-to-official photos of the new Golf already, so this leak wasn’t a particularly shocking one. Nevertheless, it does show the Mk8’s crisper, more refined design. The headlights are the most radical part of the new design, moving away from the Mk7’s more squared off units. The daytime running lights also wrap around the low-beam projectors and over the top of the headlight assembly. Study this image now, and it’ll be fairly easy to spot the new Golf at night.

It’s not a major departure from the Mk7 design, but why should it be? The current-generation Golf is one of the best hatchbacks around for good reason. On the tech front, this one will come with Volkswagen’s Digital Cockpit infotainment system as well as a revised interior layout.

No (standard) Golf for U.S.

Now, while the 2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 will make its debut in Europe tomorrow, word is we’re not getting the standard Golf in the U.S. Instead, we will get the new Golf GTI, followed by a redesigned Golf R. If that holds true through the coming months, it’s not a huge surprise. The standard Golf hasn’t sold astoundingly well these past few years, and the GTI far outpaces the regular models.

We won’t see a new Golf-based Sportwagen or Alltrack either, at least in the near future. At any rate, this is certainly a case of evolution over revolution, but that formula makes sense when the underlying car is just that good. Stay tuned to for more updates!