Tesla Runs A 7:20 Nürburgring Lap Time, Says 7:05 Is Possible Next Month

Tesla has chipped away at its lap times all week.

On Thursday, Tesla officially confirmed the new Model S Plaid prototype is making serious progress on the Nürburgring. The company confirmed it set a 7:20 lap time, a notable improvement on the previous 7:24 and 7:23 lap times set earlier this week. Clearly, they’re on a war path to set the undisputed record for the fastest electric sedan, and they aren’t stopping here.

In fact, the automaker sees a 7:05 time as entirely possible next month.

This all started last week when CEO Elon Musk said his company would bring its Model S to the track for a stab at the record. Right now, the Porsche Taycan Turbo holds the EV sedan record, with a lap time of 7:42. Unofficially, Tesla has since beaten that time, although there is not one final time to quote just yet. As the company keeps making runs at it, the Model S just keeps setting down faster times. Even though these look pretty much like the Model S you can buy right now, these are actually prototypes. Hiding underneath is the company’s new “Plaid” powertrain.

The triple-motor setup looks like it will be faster than the already insanely fast, dual-motor Model S with Ludicrous Mode. Musk also said that Tesla had a 7-seater Model S prototype on the track. Be that as it may, most are obviously more interested in the performance.

Interestingly, Tesla also tweeted out maps of their hot lap, showing power and acceleration throughout the lap. While we aren’t close to knowing exact power figures, the map does show 500 kW or more on certain parts. It’s likely the car is capable of much more than that (500 kW translates to about 670 horsepower), but it does show where the driver could really get on it.

A Tesla Model S prototype testing earlier this week. [Photo: TFLcar via SB-Medien]

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what sort of time Tesla can ultimately manage at the ‘Ring. Until then, stay tuned to TFLcar.com for more updates!