The 2020 Porsche Taycan’s Interior Is A Mass Of Screens – Take That, Tesla!

Porsche Taycan interior

There’s one screen just for the passenger.

16.8 inches. 10.9 inches. 8.4 inches. Never before have I had to look at quite so many numbers when just talking about infotainment screens before. But with the 2020 Porsche Taycan, I do. That’s because it has not one, not two, but five separate screens. There’s the standard digital instrument cluster and infotainment display, but there’s a center console-mounted display and another screen just for the passenger.

Tesla, eat your heart out. Come on, just one massive infotainment screen? That’s so 2010s.

Yep, the future has arrived. Of course, there’s a whole lot more to the Porsche Taycan than just screens. This is Porsche’s first all-electric model and it’s slated to take the fight directly to Tesla on the sports car front. Porsche claims it’s aiming for a 500 kilometer range, or about 310 miles on a charge. That would put it on par with Tesla’s offerings, if Porsche can manage that sort of range on the production model.

Apart from the mass of screens, the rest of the interior looks familiar to the Porsche faithful. Now, there’s no center gear lever, since this is electric. It seems Porsche relegated the gears to buttons near the steering wheel.

So many modes

The driver can cycle through five drive modes, ranging from, well, Range to Sport and an Individual setting. Porsche says there are also four display modes for the curved 16.8-inch instrument cluster, as well. Classic mode makes it look the most Porsche-ish, sticking with traditional dials. There are also two map modes if you’re using navigation. Finally, Pure keeps the display to a minimum, only showing essential information.

The central 10.9-inch display is also fairly typical, displaying media and navigation functions. However, the 8.4-inch screen below it is a touch panel with haptic feedback. That lets the occupants control climate functions as well as use handwriting recognition for navigation inputs. On top of that, yet another 5.9-inch screen lets the passengers control their climate zones from the back seat.The most interesting screen, though, is another 10.9-inch screen positioned in front of the passenger. This screen allows them to change settings without getting in the driver’s business. Porsche also says it’s teamed up with Apple Music to create “the first fully integrated music streaming experience.”

We’ll have much more information on the 2020 Porsche Taycan and its many, many screens at the official unveiling in September. Stay tuned to for more Taycan news, views and real-world reviews!

Porsche Taycan