We Found These Easter Eggs in the New 2020 Porsche Taycan Interior Images: Driving Range, Dates, and More

Is this the actual driving range of the new electric Porsche?

2020 porsche taycan electric car
2020 Porsche Taycan (hidden details)

Porsche has just released official images and details for the all-new 2020 Taycan electric sports sedan. It has four digital screen, many cool features, but the images also hide some interesting details – easter eggs! It’s time to geek out on the new interior. Here is everything we found so far!

These are our educated guesses based on the official images, not official specifications from Porsche.

Driving Range?

The center console display is clearly showing 286 km of driving range remaining on 75% of battery capacity. This translates to about 381 km of total range or 238 miles. This is not an official number, because we do not know what kind of driving this particular car did to have the said range.

Charging Time?

The image also shows that the Taycan is charging at a rate of 1 km/min. This is 60 km/hour or 37.5 miles/hour charging speed. This is not a very fast charging speed. The Taycan will be capable of much quicker charging times on a level 2 or another fast-charge system.

Release Date?

If you look at the phone call list on the passenger-side screen, the calls have arrived on January 30th and 31st of 2020. This make hint at the availability date of the new car. The Taycan is being unveiled on September 2019, and TFLcar will be there to bring you all the official details.

Style Inspiration

The Porsche Taycan is also giving a nod to the “911” sports car with 9:11am as the time on three of the four screens. Porsche says they used the 1963 911 as the styling inspiration for the 2020 Taycan interior. If you look at the center gauge screen, the car is showing 1,963 km on the odometer.

Side note: the center console screen is showing 1:45pm as the time. Perhaps, this is the time when the car will be fully charged?

There are many other cool details. The Taycan has an “ignition” power button on the left of the steering wheel. The transmission control are on the right of the steering wheel with a “P” park button and a small lever to shift the car into Reverse, Neutral, or Drive. There is also an indicator for s height-adjustable suspension.